ace gel Brush

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ace gel Brush Pon Pon Brush

Using this brush with tapping action, you can easily create shading design such as Tie-Dye pattern.

ace gel Brush Color

For even application of color gels.
153mm / Nylon

ace gel Brush Gradation

Wide and slanted tip for gradation application.
150mm / Nylon

ace gel Brush Base & Top

Easy to pick up the gel. Easy to apply. Easy control.
148mm / Nylon

ace gel Brush Art

Short tip and holder for detailed artwork.
153mm / Kolinsky

ace gel Brush Oval

An almighty brush for base, color and top gel. Ideal for detailed application around the cuticle area.
143mm / Nylon

ace gel Brush Short Square

Narrower than the conventional flat type brush. Ideal for drawing check patterns.
147mm / Nylon

ace gel Brush Short Angular

Angular cut at the brush tip. Ideal for drawing flower petals.
147mm / Nylon

ace gel Brush Dot Pen

Ideal for drawing dots.

ace gel Brush Short Liner

For drawing fine line with glitter. Hair is shorter than Art Brush., more suitable for drawing more detailed art.
148mm / Nylon

ace gel Brush Edge & Top

Perfect hair length and flexibility for ace edge & top gel. Ideal for applying edge & top gel for extension and top coating over floater.
145mm / Nylon

ace gel Brush Supreme

Medium size and strong body hair. Can be used for narrow nails smoothly.
153mm / Nylon

ace gel Brush Middle Angular

For drawing bigger flower petals than by using Short Angular Brush. Can be used as French Brush.
146mm / Nylon

ace gel Brush Round

The brush tip’s curve is gentle than ace gel’s “Oval Brush”. Very flexible and easy to apply the gel evenly. Recommended for base gel, top gel, and also color gels.
147mm / Nylon

ace gel Brush Mini Oval

For drawing small petals. The size of the petal can be adjusted by widening the tip of the brush.
146mm / Nylon