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NPxMananails Artbrush

The tip of brush 12mm/ the full length 177mm

Magelic Art Sponge

Using this brush with tapping action, you can easily create Denim design.

Magelic Art Sponge Refill

Refill sponge for Magelic Art Sponge 3pcs

ARTME 3D Art Brush

Length: 136mm
Tip Length: 12mm

RAPI GEL Comb Brush

For drawing many lines in one time. Easy to draw tweeds and textile-like art.

RAPI GEL Gel Brush Fine Liner

Short for stable fine line. Moderate firmness for easy control.

RAPI GEL Gel Brush Short Liner

Short but plenty hair. Can draw flower petals easily by adding pressure.

RAPI GEL Brush Flat 5.5 Ivory

An almighty brush for base, color, top gel and french.
155mm / Nylon

RAPI GEL Brush Builder Flat Blue

Ideal for extension. For use with Rapi Gel Builder Gel.
158mm / Nylon

RAPI GEL Brush French Green

French brush with thin but firm hair. Ideal for drawing your perfect smile line.
155mm / Nylon

RAPI GEL Brush Oval Yellow

Ideal for detailed application around the cuticle area. Also for gradation of tie dye design.
153mm / Nylon

RAPI GEL Brush Flat White

An almighty brush for base, color and top gel. Standard brush shape.
153mm / Nylon

RAPI GEL Brush Dot Stick 2

Ideal for drawing several size dots.

RAPI GEL Brush Dot Stick 1

Ideal for drawing small dots and thin lines.

RAPI GEL Brush Short Angular

For drawing flower petals, leaves and lace.
149mm / Nylon